Friday, April 4, 2014

Remote Computer Access

Nowadays controlling or accessing your device from anywhere remotely becomes very easy. You can easily control and access your computer as long as you wish by using Windows built-in Remote Assistance application. The application is designed to provide technical facilities and help, however you can perform limited functions from this application and for transferring files remotely to another computer connect to remote desktop connection or you can use any third party tools like Team Viewer, GoToMyPC or PC Anywhere which gives you right to login or logout to your desktop PC without any invitation. You should have some basic knowledge of Windows operating system to control your PC remotely anywhere. There are few steps required to perform for controlling your computer from anywhere.
Remote Computer Access

Step 1:

The first step is to create an invitation for host computer you want to control remotely. Now, right Click on “My Computer” Click on Properties than Click on “Remote Settings”. Click on the Option box “Allow Remote Access to Your Computer.” Now you will see “Advanced” button just click on advanced button. Here you can set the maximum amount of time invitation can remain open. By default it is 6 hours but you can choose your desire length of time. Click OK and then again click on OK button.
Note you can choose option “Easy Connect” before creating a Remote Assistance invitation, which give you rights to avoid the step of email/attachment and generate a unique password for remote access.

Step 2:

You can send remote assistance link as file and use to automatically it, for this Click on “Start” button and type “Windows Remote Assistance,” and then press “Enter.” Now Click “Invite Someone You Trust to Help You.” Save the invitation as a file for attaching it with an email. The email invitation is used to access the computer from any location remotely. The email contain link which automates the connection process and without email you will be unable to control the host computer.

Step No: 3

Now click on start button, and  clink on control Panel, in “Hardware and sound” you will see “Power Option” click on the link “Change when Computer Sleeps”, you will see two options Turn of the display and Put the computer Sleep. Select “Never” on both two options otherwise you would unable to connect to remote computer.
remote access computer

Method to Connect Remote Computer

Now open the remote invitation email which you have sent to your email account to use Remote Assistance Connection software. Once you click the link it will automatically launch the Remote Desktop Connection software. Now you can connect your host computer to complete your preferred tasks. You need to enter administrator user and password to gain access and allow changes to host computer’s, if firewall is activated. Once you finished your tasks, close the connection. Note, you will be unable to reconnect without a new invitation from the host computer and need to create new invitation connection if you disconnect either disconnect yourself or accidentally lose the connection.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 7

There are many programs install in your Windows Operating system. Some programs are pre-installed and some programs you manually install according to your requirement. If you are running Windows 7 operating system and you want to remove or uninstall some software from your Windows Operating system but you face difficulty to remove such program from Windows 7. Basically some software’s or documents are connected or running with operating system files , so if you wish to get rid of to particular software interconnected with another program need proper method to uninstall. Don’t delete the software / program folder from program files, otherwise you will we be unable to uninstall the particular software completely from your operating system. The uninstall method is not very difficult, just to follow the required steps.

In this post, I am giving you brief information that how to uninstall or remove the program completely from Windows 7 using a suitable uninstaller along-with its features:
Uninstall programs windows 7
If you manually uninstall from using default add remove program option in Windows 7, some time it may leave unnecessary files and folders which occupied extra disk space and also cause slow down system speed. The uninstaller software is easy to use and helps you to completely uninstall particular software and its files and folder from Windows 7 and increase system performance. The key feature of uninstaller is, it removes the program difficult to install through default Windows 7 option and gives you continuous error message during UN-installation process.

The uninstaller is fast having advance features in place of Windows default Add or Remove Programs option. The algorithms of this uninstaller are very fast and strong. Before going to uninstall any software or program the uninstaller check the contents of the program (file, folders and registry keys) and analyze the whole program. After UN-installation the uninstaller check the folder and files whether they are completely removed or not from your system.
 How to uninstall programs on windows 7
You can not uninstall more than one program from Windows 7 default add/remove options but this tool gives you option to quickly remove multiple programs at the same time. The partially uninstalled program can also remove through this tool by using "Forced uninstall" options. Through this option you can also uninstall programs that are install in your system but not included in your Windows 7 default add/remove list. The user interface of this tool is very simple and beginner can operate this application easily.

Features of Uninstaller

  • It also uninstalls the immovable software.
  • This tool removes all types of installation error.
  • The interface is very simple and easy to handle.
  • The algorithm of the tool is very strong and helpful to remove software completely.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Top 5 Free Android Apps

There are more than 10,000 android applications offered by android marketplace for personal finance, game and utilities. The introduction of Android tablet is useful for different institutions and getting popular day by day due to its advancement. Nowadays android applications mostly used in Android based Mobile which is easy to use and handy.

There are different types of android applications available in marketplace having various features which helps you decide which application is suitable, good and trendy:

An android app has the capability to gather data rapidly and transmit them as per the act

  • Android move towards with customized tools which are easy to utilize

  • It has integrated web based kit engine browser

  • It consumes low battery and less Memory

  • It provides advance internet application for progressive usage

  • It has capacity to adopt IT World Changes

  • Android Applications support all the major format of Images, voices, and videos data.

  • There are many popular android applications available in android market place, here are following top 5 best Android apps for year-2013.

1. Snapseed: If you love photo editing, this software has advance level features, use in any android based mobile phone and tablet. This android photo editor apps is use to customize your any picture with graphics and brightness on your finger tips. Anyone can improve, convert and share their images with simplicity using amazingly highly developed features from the leader in digital imaging software. You can share your images in Google+ with its built in features, which makes you easy to share your images with your love ones.
Snapseed app

2. WhatsApp Messenger: It is most popular messaging software for Android based Smartphone as well as Smartphones. You can send messages to your friend or families by using 3G or WiFi internet connections. This is very famous among youngsters as they love to send messages and share images, video and audio with each others.  It is the hottest chatting app used by lots for different aged users.
WhatsApp Messenger
3. Cloudee:  This application is use to store and organize the videos collection to share them easily. This service is provided by set-top box maker Boxee. The features of Cloudee are similar like YouTube. In YouTube your can upload your video, embedded on Facebook and other social sites and easily watch them on PCs, phones and tablets.
cloudee app

4. Goodreads: This android application is the largest social network for readers, so get ready to enter in this social reader world. You will find book reviews published by your friends and lots of other Goodreads members. It has virtual bookshelf feature and built in read list through which you can easily find-out great read books in this application. This forum has approximately 300,000,000 books and growing members around 8,500,000 and you can use freely use this service.
Goodreads app

5. Evernote: Evernote is a user-friendly, free app that assists you to memorize everything across all of the devices you utilize. Through this app you can save your ideas, organized information and excel productivity. Evernote app is use to record your photos, save your notes, create voice record reminders and make to-do list which can easily search any where at home or work place.
Evernote app

Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Fix Window7 Driver Problem

If you are fresh user of Windows 7 and facing Driver installation problem, don’t panic you can fix this problem by diagnosing your driver issues and solve it through specific trick. Usually Window 7 has large database of drivers but system not recognize your hardware, it simply means driver of this hardware is not exist in Windows database and you may face this kind of problem. Now it’s quite normal to think about the driver which needs to install for proper functioning of install device.

Don’t worry about the driver; driver is only small software that allows the hardware device to work properly with your PC.  You need to install driver, either when your install hardware not recognized by the Operating system or your installed hardware is not working properly. Some hardware requires proper update on regular basis, so update it time to time. You should assure that driver must be compatible with your current operation system.  Most operating system already have all the required drivers, but when windows not recognized that hardware it simply means you need to install driver from external resources, i.e. from Manufacturer Driver CD.
Fix drivers windows 7

If you install hardware not recognized by your Windows Operating System, you have two ways to install the driver of that particular hardware. One way is install driver from the disk provided by the hardware manufacturer and second way is to download driver of particular hardware from manufacturer site or through internet by using search engine. There are Different methods you can use when your hardware is not responding properly. The first method is to update your windows operating system, after update the particular driver will automatically install through device manager option in Windows. If it’s not work, adopt alternative method.

First you need know whether your install hardware is compatible with your pc as well as with your current version of Windows operation system. You should also know about the manufacturer of hardware, if you don’t have this information, check the hardware properly, you will defiantly find the name of manufacturer on the hardware. If you don’t have compatible windows operating system, it will defiantly not work properly.

how to fix drivers
To install correct driver you need manufacturer driver kit otherwise visit the company site to download the driver compatible with your windows operating system. It occurs most of the time that only some devices require extraordinary and up to date driver to work accurately so there you must be certain that the software discs which you have installed should have came along with the device. Most probably you have to restart your Computer as it might be essential if the drivers need it when the driver may not be capable to install fix Window7 driver trouble properly.