Friday, October 18, 2013

USB Data Recovery Tips

USB has become most important and popular data storage device among the PC users day by day, because it is fast, convenient and easy to carry from one place to another. It has capacity to store large amount of data which can easily and rapidly be transfer into another source.

Currently you can easily buy USB pen drive or USB memory stick at cheap price as low as $4 having storage space of 4 GB. You can not store and carry your important text documents, school assignments and office files but use to store your entertainment stuffs like favorite music, movies and pictures. Although USB devices are most powerful and good medium to store your data for long time but at point when you lost or corrupted your stored data due to virus or some other reasons than how to recover your USB data. Just follow the below mentioned tips to recover your USB Data.
Recover USB Data

•    It is much better to protect your data store in USB storage device by taking some preventive measures like install USB antivirus before the lost or corruption of your valuable data.
•    It is good method to make backup of your valuable data either in another storage source like PC hard drive or any other external available hard drives.
•    Although storage device like Flash drives, USB pens or other types of USB devices are good source of data storage but it is recommended not to make it your permanent source of data storage.
•    USB storage devices are mostly available in tiny size that’s why it is easy and convenient to carry out but it also causes to lose / misplace this device easily. You should keep mind that you also need to protect your USB device from getting broken. 
•    When you finish your work of USB storage device than quickly remove your USB drive from your system otherwise it will heat-up your device and may cause damage of storage device.
•    Always detach it from the computer when not in use, store in a safe place, and keep it away from water, other liquids and extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight.
•    Installing USB antivirus in your USB drive is a good option to protect it from potential threats. You should also update your antivirus database frequently to defense against latest vulnerable threats. This will give you almost long time protection and it is the best tip to recover your data.
USB Data Recovery

Even though you have taken all the preventive measures but accidentally due to some reasons you data or files has been lost or corrupted and not accessible than what next to recover your data.  There are different methods to recover your USB data. The first method is download any freeware or paid USB data recovery software to restore your data. Most data recovery software’s are very helpful to recover your lost or corrupt data easily from your mass storage device.

If your data has been corrupted or lost due to virus or threats and you are unable to recover your data through data recovery software than you need to consult with any professional for data recovery. Don’t worry you can easily find data recovery service online to recover your valuable data. The professional will not only recover your data but also try to repair it for making your storage devise useable again.

So you have learned that how to recover your lost data, but the best thing is take preventative measures to safe and care of your data of usb storage device.  But you can also use data recovery software and services of data recovery professionals to restore your valuable data.