Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Upload and Share a Torrent File

Before creating and uploading a torrent to any site you must know which site is best and give access to upload your torrent file. The torrent sites which gives you access to upload your torrent file are called public trackers and you can easily search out these public trackers. Before making the decision to upload your torrent file to particular torrent site you must read the policies and rules of tracker site. There are many sites which do not allow uploading some types of contents. Keep in your mind that after creating your torrent file, it is not possible to move the file or any kind of modification.

Now you need an application to create your torrent file. There are many torrent applications are available with free download. But the most popular torrent applications are BitTorrent and uTorrent through which you can easily create your torrent file by through file menu option create a new torrent. Than locate your files or folder of the content you want to share through torrent. After adding torrent you need to find out the tracker site URL. For tracker URL you need to signup any torrent site and after registration click on the upload torrent link, you will see a tracker URL. This is a very tiny feature of UTorrent and not most of the users use UTorrent to upload torrents. After uploading the torrent file to the tracker site you can start seeding. Some torrent does not require starting seeding directly; you may need to re-download your torrent through torrent software and than start seeding but if know that there no any policy of tracker to do this than simply choose start seeding option.
How to create and share torrents

After creating torrent file through UTorrent, it will ask you whether you need to save this file or not. It is not important either you save the torrent or not but name of torrent is very important, so after creating torrent file write a short description about torrent like title, size, quality, topic, Date of creation and format. If you choose your torrent name “My torrent file” than no one will download it. Now you have created torrent file, simply visit the tracker site where you want to upload your torrent file and follow the guidelines provided by torrent site to upload the torrent.

Check the policy of trackers after finish upload whether it required to re-download your torrent for seeding or not, some trackers does not required it. The creation of torrent and sharing is very simple and easy task. Most users prefer to download the material from other site and upload the others contents, try to upload some of your own content. Your uploaded torrent will be beneficial for most of the users and this is the best thing about torrent. The good think about private tracker is that once you upload your content it will shows good seeding and leeching ratio. The downloading speed of torrent may be in Kilo Bytes and the whole size of your uploaded file will be shown in the torrent statistics. Keep in mind than some trackers site required maintaining certain level of seeder and lecher ratio and if you failed to do it, you may probably permanently ban from tracker site.
upload torrent file

I hope you enjoy the process and of uploading and sharing a torrent, so feel free to upload your content. You can upload your torrent freely to any private torrent site and make your position in torrent Community.

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