Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows

I think a slow Internet speed is a terrible thing for all PC users cause heavy waste of time because user can open or browse any website but got slow response or some time receives no response. If you are facing such kind of issue and want to increase your internet speed than simply follow these simple steps and amazingly increase your speed by 20%.

What ever your internet broadband speed you can fully utilize your broadband speed. If you are Windows XP professional users than probably you are getting 20% less internet speed than the actual speed. Windows XP Professional by default consumes 20 % of your internet connection for updating their own products i.e. Windows updates and spy ware checks. But if you follow the steps than you can easily double your internet speed, simply make following changes.

1. Click on the Start Menu > than click on Run > in Run Command type "gpedit.msc" (don’t type “ in command menu) and press enter. A window of Group Policy Editor will be open.
2. Click on the Computer Configuration, on the right hand you will see three folders, i.e. Software settings, Windows settings, and Administrative Templates.
4. Double Click on Administrative Templates.
3. In Administrative Template Double click on Network tab to expand it.
4. Now double click on “QoS Packet Scheduler".
5. On the right hand you will see "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" double click on it, window of limit reservable properties window will be open.
6. Click on enable check box.
6. Set the band limit (%), type 0 and press OK.

After this update you need to reboot your system for change effect. After reboot you open browser and open any website, you will see improvement in browsing speed.

2. Most of the PC users are unknown about so many applications running on start-up in windows background causing slow PC speed and which ultimately also decrease your PC performance. These application consuming lots of system resources and it also slow down your browsing speed. So if you want increase your PC Speed and also net speed than perform the following steps:

1. Click on the Start menu -> than click on Run  in Run menu type "msconfig", you will see System Configuration Utility window. Here click on the start-up tab, in start-up tab you will list of applications running during windows start-up. Simply un-check all the unwanted applications running on start-up. (Translated)

3. Windows registry plays very important role for Optimizing PC speed and also net speed. Most of the user having Broadband internet connection but not satisfied with their browsing, downloading and uploading speed. You can use Windows registry optimizer to increase your PC performance Optimize Windows registry. The main purpose of registry cleaner is boost your internet speed and fix the registry errors and update useless Active X errors and Empty registry values which gives miscellaneous error messages.

If you feel any difficulty to understand the procedure than it is highly recommended to watch this video and learn how to increase your internet speed easily without any expert knowledge.