Sunday, January 6, 2013

Important Firefox Add-Ons

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. One reason for its popularity is more than 2.5 million add-ons available to users. These add-ons people can change and improve your browsing experience on the Web and make them more productive. Here are five of the most awesome Firefox add-ons available today.


Have you ever tired to click through multiple web pages and wait for them to load to read a long article, or view multiple pages of search results? If yes, then AutoPager is the ideal complement for you. It automatically loads the next page when you reach the end. It works with most web sites, and they can not make changes to Auto-pager they work too.

Video Download-helper

There are a lot of interesting content in many video sites like YouTube, but you should continue to visit whenever you want to see a particular movie. Video Download-helper extension allows you to download videos and pictures from almost any web site and save it on your computer. If your favorite video ever removed from the web, you still have a copy. Video Download-helper is free, but the designer encourages donations of $ 10. This is a great add-on worth it.
Firefox Add-ons


Fasterfox is a popular Firefox add-on that accelerates the loading of web pages. It does this by adjusting your browser settings to optimize and forcing some browser capabilities. You can also use it to change the capacity of the cache and block popups that bypass other popups. Fasterfox can not do miracles, but most users find that it is one of the best plug-ins to speed up Firefox.

Session Manager

Session Manager is another very popular Firefox add-on that can make your life easier. Have you ever had multiple tabs open Firefox and wanted to save the entire session and open later? Your computer ever crashed, you lose your open tabs? Then you'll Session Manager. This add-on, you can save groups of tabs and windows open them later. It will automatically save and restore open tabs in case of failure on your browser. You can even change several characteristics Session Manager. For example, you can set asks if you want to restore the previous session or start a new one each time you start Firefox.
important Firefox add-ons

Xmarks Sync

Xmarks Sync is an extension of the coolest social bookmarking available. It saves and synchronizes your bookmarks and favorites in different browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Safari, and different computers. With Xmarks Sync, you do not need to lose bookmarks, if you need to download the browser, or if your hard drive in a computer crash. Anyone who has ever lost a bookmark in the list immediately enjoys this great Firefox add-on.