Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reset Windows 7 Password

Nowadays many PC users using Windows 7 Operating system, but what if you forgot your administrator login Password. The answer is very simple; you will be unable to Login to windows 7. Now the question is how to reset your windows 7 administrator password because if you don’t know about this than ultimately you have to re-install the Windows 7 in computer to gain the access again. The drawback of re-installing of Windows 7 is lost of your valuable data. So I am going to tell you the easy process to reset your admin password without having any technical expertise.

Generally, if you forget your Windows 7 password, it will be difficult to reset your password and unblock computer, because it is not so easy like forgetting your email address password which can easily be recovered through alternative email id. But resetting your Windows 7 is not so easy like an email address password.
Reset Windows 7 Password

Either your beginner or advanced Windows 7 user, through simple steps you can easily rest your Windows 7 admin password or standard passwords. Just follow the following simple steps to reset your password without losing your data and operating system:

Default Windows Administrator Password

When you install any operating system like Windows 7, it will automatically create an Administrator account and by default it is not password protected account. Many users don’t have information about default administrator password and some users change it due to security reasons. So if you have not changed Windows 7 by default admin password, you can reset it easily through following simple steps:

Step1: Press and hold the keyboard keys "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" twice, Windows login screen will appear on your Desktop.

Step2: In the login screen you will see user name and Password box, Type Administrator in username box and don’t type anything in password box.

Step3: These are the simple steps; you have easily reset the reset Windows 7 password and can access your Windows 7 operating system. If you want to change your Administrator account password, simply click on start menu and than click on control panel, In Control panel window you will see option of user Accounts. Click on user Account icon and select the user Administrator and change your desire password.
2. Now, if you forgot your password protected administrator account, the method will be different to rest your administrator password. You can also use software’s or tools to reset your Windows 7 admin password.
Now note the steps if your administrator account is password protected and you need to reset this password:
 Reset Password Windows 7

Step 1: As your computer is locked so you need another computer to perform this activity. The first step is to download Windows Password Key Professional software ISO image file to burn it. 

Step 2: You need a CD / DVD or blank USB pen drive to install / burn this software and make it bootable.

 Step 3: Now use any CD burning software to burn this software. Simply  plug USB drive or Insert the CD/DVD to another computer and run the burning software you will see an option burn an ISO image and click on ‘Burn’ to start burning.

 Step 4: After finishing the burning, remove the CD or DVD from the computer and then insert this CD or DVD to the locked computer.

Step 5: After burning this software into CD/ DVD or USB drive insert it to your Locked computer and reset your computer and go to Bios setting and make first boot to USB (if you have burn software in USB) or CD/DVD/USB and boot from it

Step 6: Follow the instruction and . easily reset your Windows 7 password. Once you reset your password boot your computer again and change the boot option and make your first boot to hard drive.
I hope you have learned that how easy to successfully reset your Windows 7 Password.

Friday, October 18, 2013

USB Data Recovery Tips

USB has become most important and popular data storage device among the PC users day by day, because it is fast, convenient and easy to carry from one place to another. It has capacity to store large amount of data which can easily and rapidly be transfer into another source.

Currently you can easily buy USB pen drive or USB memory stick at cheap price as low as $4 having storage space of 4 GB. You can not store and carry your important text documents, school assignments and office files but use to store your entertainment stuffs like favorite music, movies and pictures. Although USB devices are most powerful and good medium to store your data for long time but at point when you lost or corrupted your stored data due to virus or some other reasons than how to recover your USB data. Just follow the below mentioned tips to recover your USB Data.
Recover USB Data

•    It is much better to protect your data store in USB storage device by taking some preventive measures like install USB antivirus before the lost or corruption of your valuable data.
•    It is good method to make backup of your valuable data either in another storage source like PC hard drive or any other external available hard drives.
•    Although storage device like Flash drives, USB pens or other types of USB devices are good source of data storage but it is recommended not to make it your permanent source of data storage.
•    USB storage devices are mostly available in tiny size that’s why it is easy and convenient to carry out but it also causes to lose / misplace this device easily. You should keep mind that you also need to protect your USB device from getting broken. 
•    When you finish your work of USB storage device than quickly remove your USB drive from your system otherwise it will heat-up your device and may cause damage of storage device.
•    Always detach it from the computer when not in use, store in a safe place, and keep it away from water, other liquids and extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight.
•    Installing USB antivirus in your USB drive is a good option to protect it from potential threats. You should also update your antivirus database frequently to defense against latest vulnerable threats. This will give you almost long time protection and it is the best tip to recover your data.
USB Data Recovery

Even though you have taken all the preventive measures but accidentally due to some reasons you data or files has been lost or corrupted and not accessible than what next to recover your data.  There are different methods to recover your USB data. The first method is download any freeware or paid USB data recovery software to restore your data. Most data recovery software’s are very helpful to recover your lost or corrupt data easily from your mass storage device.

If your data has been corrupted or lost due to virus or threats and you are unable to recover your data through data recovery software than you need to consult with any professional for data recovery. Don’t worry you can easily find data recovery service online to recover your valuable data. The professional will not only recover your data but also try to repair it for making your storage devise useable again.

So you have learned that how to recover your lost data, but the best thing is take preventative measures to safe and care of your data of usb storage device.  But you can also use data recovery software and services of data recovery professionals to restore your valuable data.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Upload and Share a Torrent File

Before creating and uploading a torrent to any site you must know which site is best and give access to upload your torrent file. The torrent sites which gives you access to upload your torrent file are called public trackers and you can easily search out these public trackers. Before making the decision to upload your torrent file to particular torrent site you must read the policies and rules of tracker site. There are many sites which do not allow uploading some types of contents. Keep in your mind that after creating your torrent file, it is not possible to move the file or any kind of modification.

Now you need an application to create your torrent file. There are many torrent applications are available with free download. But the most popular torrent applications are BitTorrent and uTorrent through which you can easily create your torrent file by through file menu option create a new torrent. Than locate your files or folder of the content you want to share through torrent. After adding torrent you need to find out the tracker site URL. For tracker URL you need to signup any torrent site and after registration click on the upload torrent link, you will see a tracker URL. This is a very tiny feature of UTorrent and not most of the users use UTorrent to upload torrents. After uploading the torrent file to the tracker site you can start seeding. Some torrent does not require starting seeding directly; you may need to re-download your torrent through torrent software and than start seeding but if know that there no any policy of tracker to do this than simply choose start seeding option.
How to create and share torrents

After creating torrent file through UTorrent, it will ask you whether you need to save this file or not. It is not important either you save the torrent or not but name of torrent is very important, so after creating torrent file write a short description about torrent like title, size, quality, topic, Date of creation and format. If you choose your torrent name “My torrent file” than no one will download it. Now you have created torrent file, simply visit the tracker site where you want to upload your torrent file and follow the guidelines provided by torrent site to upload the torrent.

Check the policy of trackers after finish upload whether it required to re-download your torrent for seeding or not, some trackers does not required it. The creation of torrent and sharing is very simple and easy task. Most users prefer to download the material from other site and upload the others contents, try to upload some of your own content. Your uploaded torrent will be beneficial for most of the users and this is the best thing about torrent. The good think about private tracker is that once you upload your content it will shows good seeding and leeching ratio. The downloading speed of torrent may be in Kilo Bytes and the whole size of your uploaded file will be shown in the torrent statistics. Keep in mind than some trackers site required maintaining certain level of seeder and lecher ratio and if you failed to do it, you may probably permanently ban from tracker site.
upload torrent file

I hope you enjoy the process and of uploading and sharing a torrent, so feel free to upload your content. You can upload your torrent freely to any private torrent site and make your position in torrent Community.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Windows 8 Problems and Solutions

Windows 8 has already been launched and many PC users currently using Windows 8 as operating system and soon it will become popular among all users. Windows operating system users have lots of expectation before the launch of Windows 8. You will find many comments and tweets about Windows 8. This post is regarding change in latest windows operating system and its technical problems as well as solutions. There are lots of changes, if you compare Windows 8 with Windows 7 and other operating systems.

Since from the Beginning of Windows 3.1 to Windows 7, the user interface was very simple and user can easily open program files, configure hardware and software’s, change power settings, scan disk with check disk,  open browser to visit the web, open run command through start menu and Dos prompt for setting different issues. Windows desktop was the path to go through all the sections of operating system. Microsoft latest operating system Windows 8 has come with different style and introduced with users as Metro-style.
Windows 8 graphics and interface is different from all the previously released versions of Windows.

 Windows 8 problems
Windows 8 loads Metro-style interface in the Windows startup when user starts the computer. The Interface demonstrates a group of various tiles that mention single touch access to your emails, social networking sites, network properties, online news, e-shopping and lots of stuff. The interface is much similar with the interface of Tablet PC or Android Phones which gives you easy access to all applications, network and essentials with single touch access.

The new integrated interface Metro-style of Windows 8 has stylish desktop which consist of tile options. Most users currently face difficulty using this Metro-style interface and don’t have any technical knowledge that how to handle this Operating system, so don’t worry Windows 8 has also solve this problem to bring back smile to your face, simply click on Desktop tile icon and you will the same desktop interface like previous versions of Windows. As you are familiar with previous interface so you will experience most important enhancements in essential utilities like Check Disk, Control Panel, Hardware / Network properties and Disk Derangement.
Windows 8 problems and solutions

With a lot of amendments and things in line to familiarity, users are definitely going to take some time to grow to be familiar to using Windows 8. The users who are currently using Windows 8 beta version are now become more familiar with Windows 8 interface and it’s all the features. The users already have knowledge of Windows 8 and become familiar with this operating system will enjoy the this operating system and soon they will feel no difference of usage between the way of using smart phones and tablets and Personal computer.
Windows 8 issues
Currently users have using beta version of Windows 8 and might face problems of software’s applications and other technical issues before the release of Windows 8 full version. Iphone 5 users are very familiar initially IPhone 5 is not successfully running due to some minor applications problems. Although software programs and applications errors are not major issues and this technical issue sought out gradually before the release of full version. So, Microsoft and Owner of IPhone have initially no expectation for rapid growth of users, because once they resolved all the issues it will automatically become popular among all users.
Windows 8 Errors
Every operating system face technical issues during its beta versions, these issues help the developers to improve the problems and glitches before the release of error free final version. Technical problems of operating system like windows 8 may be communicated through official forums, or official site. Technical experts of Windows 8 will work to resolve this issue to make the operating system excellent. So don’t mind if you face any technical problem of Windows 8 because soon it will be resolved. Windows 8 will give a good change to their customers so welcome and thank you for using Windows 8.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Play and Download YouTube videos through IDM

Play YouTube Videos when YouTube is Blocked

Nowadays, YouTube is ban in many countries around the world. YouTube is very important source of watching videos online without paying any single penny. YouTube is not only the source of entertainment but also a big source of education. Through video tutorials students can learn desire things. Now come to the point, the important question is that how one can open YouTube when YouTube is blocked without having any technical skills. Just follow the following steps to open the YouTube easily where YouTube is banned due to different reasons.

 Download Youtube video when youtube is blocked

Step No: 1     Open any browser (i.e. Mozilla, Google Chrome) and type:

Step No: 2     Type in search engine Ultra surf and click on search button.

Step No: 3     You will see link of official site of Ultra surf. Just simply open site and download the software Ultra Surf. Ultra surf is free software and tiny software around 1 MB.

Step No: 4    The download software is in compressed form and typically in rar format. Simply right click on type file and click on extract on Ultra surf folder.

Step No: 5    Now, open the folder run the file ultrasurf.exe , once the software windows shows connected status, simply click on minimize button. You will see lock icon nearby system tray.

Step No: 6    Now Simply open any browser (i.e. Mozilla or Google Chrome) and type You are ready to watch YouTube videos.
 Download Youtube video through IDM
 IDM Proxy Setting for youtube

Through above mentioned method you can easily play YouTube videos without any trouble. Now I am going to tell you how to download YouTube videos through IDM where YouTube is block.

Download YouTube videos when YouTube is blocked through IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Step No: 1    Double click on IDM (Internet Download Manager) icon on system tray. IDM window will be open, click on Downloads Menu and click on option. After that Click on Proxy / Socks tab and click on use Proxy. Type the following information.
Proxy Server Address:
Port: 9666
Username: (Leave it Blank)
Password: (Leave it Blank)

Step No: 2    Now you can download video through IDM. Simply open YouTube in your browser, you will see IDM icon on YouTube video, just click on IDM icon and start downloading videos.

I hope you will enjoy above mention tips. If you have any question regarding these tips than feel free to comments.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows

I think a slow Internet speed is a terrible thing for all PC users cause heavy waste of time because user can open or browse any website but got slow response or some time receives no response. If you are facing such kind of issue and want to increase your internet speed than simply follow these simple steps and amazingly increase your speed by 20%.

What ever your internet broadband speed you can fully utilize your broadband speed. If you are Windows XP professional users than probably you are getting 20% less internet speed than the actual speed. Windows XP Professional by default consumes 20 % of your internet connection for updating their own products i.e. Windows updates and spy ware checks. But if you follow the steps than you can easily double your internet speed, simply make following changes.

1. Click on the Start Menu > than click on Run > in Run Command type "gpedit.msc" (don’t type “ in command menu) and press enter. A window of Group Policy Editor will be open.
2. Click on the Computer Configuration, on the right hand you will see three folders, i.e. Software settings, Windows settings, and Administrative Templates.
4. Double Click on Administrative Templates.
3. In Administrative Template Double click on Network tab to expand it.
4. Now double click on “QoS Packet Scheduler".
5. On the right hand you will see "Limit Reservable Bandwidth" double click on it, window of limit reservable properties window will be open.
6. Click on enable check box.
6. Set the band limit (%), type 0 and press OK.

After this update you need to reboot your system for change effect. After reboot you open browser and open any website, you will see improvement in browsing speed.

2. Most of the PC users are unknown about so many applications running on start-up in windows background causing slow PC speed and which ultimately also decrease your PC performance. These application consuming lots of system resources and it also slow down your browsing speed. So if you want increase your PC Speed and also net speed than perform the following steps:

1. Click on the Start menu -> than click on Run  in Run menu type "msconfig", you will see System Configuration Utility window. Here click on the start-up tab, in start-up tab you will list of applications running during windows start-up. Simply un-check all the unwanted applications running on start-up. (Translated)

3. Windows registry plays very important role for Optimizing PC speed and also net speed. Most of the user having Broadband internet connection but not satisfied with their browsing, downloading and uploading speed. You can use Windows registry optimizer to increase your PC performance Optimize Windows registry. The main purpose of registry cleaner is boost your internet speed and fix the registry errors and update useless Active X errors and Empty registry values which gives miscellaneous error messages.

If you feel any difficulty to understand the procedure than it is highly recommended to watch this video and learn how to increase your internet speed easily without any expert knowledge.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

MKV to MOV File Converter

The most popular format of video file nowadays is MKV stands Matroska Multimedia Container video file. Matroska is an open regular format that is able to record a large variety of video/audio files in a single file. Matroska format is build with open source software and later it become popular with the name of well-known Russian Matryoshka doll which has a doll inside a doll.

The Mac user can only play two video formats i.e. MOV and MP4 video files. If a Mac user is interested to watch any video available in MKV format than it should be convert into either MOV or MP4 before going to play. After conversation into MOV or MP4 format from MKV format it become easy to play it on lots of Apple devices like iPad, IPhone or the ipod. The MOV video format can also play in QuickTime video player and you can edit the video format by using Apple's Final Cut.

There are a so many excellent MKV to MOV converters offered in the market. You should decide a converter that is well-suited to your operating system. Particularly if you are using one of the most recent versions of the Operating System like the Mac OS X Lion, you must make sure that the software is able of managing on your most recent Operation System.

Next, you should rather select a converter that can as well as convert other files formats like AVI, TOD, MTS, WMV, FLV, MOD, VOB and lots of other file formats to Apple's native MOV format. Every at the present and then, you may come across a number of the file formats that are not friendly with the Mac. Having a particular converter competent of managing an extensive range of formats can put away you a bunch of annoyance.

Thirdly, search for a converter that allows you cut, trim and even rotate your videos. If it offers you the choice of accumulating special effects, that could be an additional bonus too.
MKV to MOV Convert

Lastly, select a seller who supports a range of different operating systems too. If you have a number of computers, each with a diverse operating system, you would wish for a replica of the converter to run on every of those operating systems too. Particularly if you are running a media house with number of computers function dissimilar operating systems, this could be an in fact practical characteristic.

The converter should be easy and fast to use. You should be capable of import an MKV video file, select the output file format of your option and then click the convert button. The Converter should also be capable to manage batch conversions.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Important Firefox Add-Ons

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. One reason for its popularity is more than 2.5 million add-ons available to users. These add-ons people can change and improve your browsing experience on the Web and make them more productive. Here are five of the most awesome Firefox add-ons available today.


Have you ever tired to click through multiple web pages and wait for them to load to read a long article, or view multiple pages of search results? If yes, then AutoPager is the ideal complement for you. It automatically loads the next page when you reach the end. It works with most web sites, and they can not make changes to Auto-pager they work too.

Video Download-helper

There are a lot of interesting content in many video sites like YouTube, but you should continue to visit whenever you want to see a particular movie. Video Download-helper extension allows you to download videos and pictures from almost any web site and save it on your computer. If your favorite video ever removed from the web, you still have a copy. Video Download-helper is free, but the designer encourages donations of $ 10. This is a great add-on worth it.
Firefox Add-ons


Fasterfox is a popular Firefox add-on that accelerates the loading of web pages. It does this by adjusting your browser settings to optimize and forcing some browser capabilities. You can also use it to change the capacity of the cache and block popups that bypass other popups. Fasterfox can not do miracles, but most users find that it is one of the best plug-ins to speed up Firefox.

Session Manager

Session Manager is another very popular Firefox add-on that can make your life easier. Have you ever had multiple tabs open Firefox and wanted to save the entire session and open later? Your computer ever crashed, you lose your open tabs? Then you'll Session Manager. This add-on, you can save groups of tabs and windows open them later. It will automatically save and restore open tabs in case of failure on your browser. You can even change several characteristics Session Manager. For example, you can set asks if you want to restore the previous session or start a new one each time you start Firefox.
important Firefox add-ons

Xmarks Sync

Xmarks Sync is an extension of the coolest social bookmarking available. It saves and synchronizes your bookmarks and favorites in different browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Safari, and different computers. With Xmarks Sync, you do not need to lose bookmarks, if you need to download the browser, or if your hard drive in a computer crash. Anyone who has ever lost a bookmark in the list immediately enjoys this great Firefox add-on.