Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Cut Pro Tips

Video editing is often synonymous with Apple's products for its ease of use and intuitive nature of the feature. While every Apple computer comes with iMovie video editing features almost all video enthusiasts and independent film-makers want a richer result of video editing features. Enter the Final Cut Pro (FCP). Initially developed by Macromedia Inc., now continue by Apple Inc., FCP lets users to record and shift the video to your hard drive for editing, processing and production of record content in various formats. Where the product is packed with so a lot of features, practical methods can often be ignored when you change the video editing options. Below I would like to share a hint slow motion effect using images of different resolutions and frame rates. When both format out there these days, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, and you want to produce content.

Slow motion video of this effect may take additional measures in earlier versions of FCP. Now, FCP X, the process is quite simple, because it is not necessary to create a copy of the clip before the impact of the implementation of FCP now allows non-destructive editing.

Final Cut Pro Tips

To start with, I guess to start with 720p video at 60 FPS, but you want to edit the 23.98 timeline to use online forums. You want to ensure that the project is set to frame rate and resolution you want, and this example you are aiming for 720P and 23.98. Now, apply the original video project was 720P and 59.92. When you play the video the desired speed: new video frames will be deleted, but the action is real-time.

The next step is to follow the original material to the desired price for all the images in the video, create a video in slow motion. First, scrub the clip, type "in and out" points to the calendar. Now, select the item and click the menu Retime.
Final Cut Pro Tips editing

Retime menu offers several options: slow, fast, normal, grip, are consistent with the speed, instant replay, rewind, speed ramp and the ability to adjust the video quality. Although the "Slow" option slows down the playback speed of the video, the best results can not be achieved. For best results, select "Meets speed." This option allows you to adjust the speed of the original frame rate of the video in the timeline. In this case, this effect reduces the speed of each image of the original content of about 40% of creating motion precisely in soft and slow RAM.

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