Monday, October 29, 2012

TeamViewer Review

There are a number of solutions that enable you to use the remote computer if you were sitting at that computer. Some, such as LogMeIn and GoToMyComputer was purchased. you can install the free software for two computers, and you can control your computer remotely from your own computer. Both computers must be connected to the Internet. If you have two computers in your home, you can try to combine the two.

When you click through the wizard, each user is assigned a username and password. I recommend clicking on the assistant phone while talking on the remote, so you can find the same settings. Some browsers will automatically fill in default, others do not. If you are unsure, choose the first option list, or use common sense.

If you want the installation to create the icon that starts as soon as the user ID and password for the screen, making it much easier to access in the future. A remote user can also choose to automatically in the future without a password, but some people are nervous to leave their computer to open it.

If the user to control a remote computer, you need to get the remote user ID and password.

If a remote user is nervous about a random stranger access to your computer to remind them that they alone know the username and password codes that allow access to each.
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Connect the remote computer's ID and password dialog box on your computer and you will have instant access to your PC. The mouse and keyboard to control your PC and see what their monitor. Screen colors may be limited and pale to carry the additional information needed for millions of colors is not really necessary. This allows for a mouse and keyboard actions take place almost immediately.

Security features may prevent some actions on the remote computer. If the remote computer's software firewall sees a request to open a new gateway to the Internet, you can not authorize the remote control. For example, if you use Microsoft Word on a remote computer, and then click "Help" for more information Microsoft Help website, the firewall detects a new company and a computer on the Internet. Work firewall is to ensure that the user is not a virus, upon request.
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Their firewall is blocking the connection, until someone clicks on the OK button to make it. Since the remote operator, you may not be able to click on the "OK" - it must be a remote user. Everything else works fine, but the additional information will help cut until the remote user permits. So you can be sure that they are available by phone, just in case.

You can run the software on a remote computer, transfer files from your computer to activate the keyboard shortcuts and use other useful functions. You could set up a new printer on the remote computer, the remote user but still turn it, turn it on, put the installation CD in the drive, and you can go after the screen has two reboot. Your Start menu, two desktops, etc. - and you theirs. Only pay attention and keep them straight.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Google Gmail Drive Review

Google seems to be doing everything these days, it is not surprising that the Internet giant has developed online storage and synchronization. It was possible to save, share, and create a wide range of files to Google Docs for centuries, but the service Google Drive is the next level by given that a synchronization client downloads; you can install Windows and Mac OS X. Also, Android and iOS, which permits you to create, access and download content.

If you're already a user in Google Docs, Drive will replace the existing web interface Docs with theirs. It is almost identical and behaves in much the same way as Google Docs, but it makes some of the key changes, not all of which are comfortable to begin with. The biggest change is that the files and documents are divided my disk that contains the files that you have created, and told me that contains files with other people from entering. If you used to see all the files you are working with a large list, so there is a chance that you will lose a few to follow, if you do not remember me check the shared files to share with other users for you, but as soon as you get used to.
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Files to share with them were sorted by date instead of when they were last modified, but the current tab, it is simple to see which files have been just published by you or your social group. All you have to do is drag files you're working on my disk, and they are in their own files when you use the drive online and sync Google Reader folder on any computer on which you have installed.

Once you have downloaded and installed the drive, it will create a sync folder. By default, all the files that you have created or downloaded from Google Docs will automatically be downloaded. If you want, you can synchronize the files that you have stored in specific folders in Google Docs. With all the Google Docs synchronized, you can edit them offline so that they will be updated the next time you connect to the Internet, which is a kind, incredibly useful for those who often have to work with Google Docs.
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As the Drive is built on top of Google Docs, you can get more features when it comes to edit and view the files you will find in most of the synchronization services. This applies to Office documents, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and slide presentations in particular. You can preview the files to DOC and DOCX, Excel, and their counterparts, but you need to export them to Google Docs to edit. Strangely, RTF files can not be previewed, but it may take. Google Docs files you create are automatically synchronized with your local folders in Google Drive, but you can download them to your computer in the form of your choice, or to make them available for offline viewing application allows offline Docs, Chrome browsers.

You can also see the images, but we were let down to stumble on that they do not automatically open a slide show by the Google+ interface. There is also no way to stream audio or video files, such as a competitor, SugarSync, and also offer a Live Drive. It is also useless to online backup, you can synchronize your training, and it is not possible to add other folders. It is a version control, however, so that you can easily retrieve old versions of a file, if you accidentally delete something. Older versions are deleted automatically after 30 days or 100 amendments, unless the file is specifically chose this.
Google Gmail Drive
Google Drive is free and you get 5 GB of space, which is also shared their stored images on the web. This fact alone makes it worth taking, particularly when you take into account the expediency and ubiquity of Google. When it approaches to work on files, the company has the market sewn. If you need more space, you can pay each month, 25 GB, and $ 2.49 per month and $ 4.99 per month 100GB all the way up to 16TB quality company $ 800 a month.