Saturday, December 15, 2012

AVI to MP4 Converter

AVI is an example of video codec. It is mainly used for video compression formats. This is a high coding rate and therefore ideal for high-quality compression. MP4 is also used in video compression formats. However, it uses H. 264 this feature makes it easy to compress the videos, which are then read into a media player on hand. These videos can also be downloaded from video websites. Contrary to AVI, MP4 videos fit the lossy format. This is easy to compress video in small sizes and at the same time provide better visual quality. Convert AVI to MP4 Video Converter is usually performed by software.

Firstly, you need to download a program called Videora iPod Converter. When the download is complete, the installer downloaded and double-clicks. This allows the implementation of the program. Wait until the installation is complete. It is now time to start the program. Simply click the icon on the desktop two times. Then click "Add Video". It is placed above the installed program. Save the application in an AVI video file. Select the file you want to convert to MP4. Open the AVI conversion. Make sure you have specified the file will be changed to MP4 will be saved.

AVI to MP4 Converter
Identify the name of your video to convert. Click Next to continue. It is essential to make all the slides. Make sure you enter the size and video quality. You can also add video, including the audio quality. It is possible to determine the speed at which convert AVI to MP4 is most effective. In other words, you can make any necessary changes during this phase. It should be noted that the increase in video quality speed may be lost. The size can also be air. Click Next to continue. You can now click on "start conversion." be patient until the conversion is complete. You can save the converted MP4 file that you created during the conversion is complete.

Video formats are different levels. MP4 videos fit Sony PSP and Apple iPod. There are a variety of conversion tools that can be used to convert AVI to MP4. These conversion tools, you can increase your conversion rate. AVI is part of the Windows operating systems. The videos are mainly used in the system. It is for this reason; AVI to MP4 can be converted for use with other portable media devices. AVI is the characteristic of high compression. In addition, the output is of high quality. AVI is also likely to reduce the file size does not necessarily affect the quality of the video or image.
 How to convert AVI to MP4
There are various conversion programs that will help you convert AVI to MP4. You can choose out of freeware programs. And that's not all. Free Online applications are also suitable. The steps are very simple, as discussed above. Another converter is Movavi. These programs are designed to convert AVI to MP4 online.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Video Editing Software Online

How to search the good video editing software for your personal Home video? Home movies will benefit from using the best video editing software available. Artistic expression is improved editing programs that you want to use. I would argue that the best video editing software is the software that you feel most comfortable! Most video editing software to do so, some are at worst, a bad job or even excellent job of providing tools for video editing.

It belongs to the individual editor to find a program that best suits his or her needs as a writer. Such as the use of the software is stable, easy to learn and perform tasks you want to do, you're well on your way to finding the best video software for you.
Video Editing Software

Most of the user in the film industry career used any system video production company had contracted to use. In the early days of television and film passed the film, tape, and finally the Digital Edition, it seemed that every year, I would like to work with the new system and different.

The new installation of the system has not changed my style of editing, but they gave me more tools that can be used to move forward. As the trend continued editing systems and Final Cut Pro Avid has risen, and ended up in the dominant systems. I'm working on Avid and loved the most, so when it came time to choose a video on your computer at home.
Video Editing Software Online
These four elements are important to find the best home editing software for you. Stability, ease of use, the right tools, and the cost should be the most important what I expect to buy video editing software at home. This is not rocket science; it would be a crucial criterion for selection of video editing software package. You do not want to choose the program that can not be broken, if you are going to furniture, you should not spend $ 1,200 for the program, when 150 million programs will do everything you need.

If you are new to video editing, it would be wise to use some video editing software for free until what your needs are video editing software before buying a one. Once you know what your needs are, we invite you to explore as much as you can about the different editing programs that are available until you find one that fits your needs. If you do your homework, you will eventually be satisfied with the result, finding the best video editing software for you.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Cut Pro Tips

Video editing is often synonymous with Apple's products for its ease of use and intuitive nature of the feature. While every Apple computer comes with iMovie video editing features almost all video enthusiasts and independent film-makers want a richer result of video editing features. Enter the Final Cut Pro (FCP). Initially developed by Macromedia Inc., now continue by Apple Inc., FCP lets users to record and shift the video to your hard drive for editing, processing and production of record content in various formats. Where the product is packed with so a lot of features, practical methods can often be ignored when you change the video editing options. Below I would like to share a hint slow motion effect using images of different resolutions and frame rates. When both format out there these days, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, and you want to produce content.

Slow motion video of this effect may take additional measures in earlier versions of FCP. Now, FCP X, the process is quite simple, because it is not necessary to create a copy of the clip before the impact of the implementation of FCP now allows non-destructive editing.

Final Cut Pro Tips

To start with, I guess to start with 720p video at 60 FPS, but you want to edit the 23.98 timeline to use online forums. You want to ensure that the project is set to frame rate and resolution you want, and this example you are aiming for 720P and 23.98. Now, apply the original video project was 720P and 59.92. When you play the video the desired speed: new video frames will be deleted, but the action is real-time.

The next step is to follow the original material to the desired price for all the images in the video, create a video in slow motion. First, scrub the clip, type "in and out" points to the calendar. Now, select the item and click the menu Retime.
Final Cut Pro Tips editing

Retime menu offers several options: slow, fast, normal, grip, are consistent with the speed, instant replay, rewind, speed ramp and the ability to adjust the video quality. Although the "Slow" option slows down the playback speed of the video, the best results can not be achieved. For best results, select "Meets speed." This option allows you to adjust the speed of the original frame rate of the video in the timeline. In this case, this effect reduces the speed of each image of the original content of about 40% of creating motion precisely in soft and slow RAM.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 is Microsoft's next generation operating system desktops, laptops and tablets. Windows 8 tablet brings a lot of the world while maintaining its roots systems and laptops.

The major distinction you'll observe is that Windows 8 is a make perfect new start menu. Tiles used in all of the programs, it makes it easier tablets and laptops and desktop touch screen itself. The tiles are a nice upgrade to the new user interface. On the other hand, the information will be updated on the fly. For example, an e-mail tile will give you the summer for new e-mails directly on the floor! You have the opportunity to re-arrange all the tiles easy to programs that are most commonly used.

Another great inclusion is Windows 8 Windows Store. You can now buy apps on the fly from your computer. Better yet, many applications are free, and those that are not free are generally inexpensive.
Windows 8 professional

Windows 8 over Xp

The user interface has changed slightly and it may take a few hours to get used to. For example, Windows 8 program does not appear in the taskbar. Windows 8 tablets are ready-made programs and 8, Windows applications run in their own window, the entire screen. As such, change the Windows 8 applications, tap the upper-right corner and select the program you want to use. If you open a standard application, the office will appear and the application runs in a familiar Windows.

While there are a number of major improvements, large and small, there are still a few things to be desired. For example, if you have a lot of programs you may have trouble finding one line-up of applications for each program looks at the same time. Also, if you do not have a touch screen, but the multi-touch pad, many applications does not support two touches scrolling difficult to navigate. Technicians for all of you out there, you'll be disappointed to hear that Microsoft has become a vague description there. For example, when installing Many times receive updates from the position of "Doing stuff Wait." Of course, we know that you're doing it; I want to know exactly what you are doing!
Windows 8 interface

All in all, I think that it is worth to buy. However, I would not recommend an upgrade, it may or may not work very well. I actually tried to upgrade my laptop over the front of the programs and files.

All are installed on, but half the time it does not start and when it starts half the tiles do not even work. I recommend making a backup copy and then install fresh. Good luck and I hope you have a great experience of the new version of Windows.

Monday, October 29, 2012

TeamViewer Review

There are a number of solutions that enable you to use the remote computer if you were sitting at that computer. Some, such as LogMeIn and GoToMyComputer was purchased. you can install the free software for two computers, and you can control your computer remotely from your own computer. Both computers must be connected to the Internet. If you have two computers in your home, you can try to combine the two.

When you click through the wizard, each user is assigned a username and password. I recommend clicking on the assistant phone while talking on the remote, so you can find the same settings. Some browsers will automatically fill in default, others do not. If you are unsure, choose the first option list, or use common sense.

If you want the installation to create the icon that starts as soon as the user ID and password for the screen, making it much easier to access in the future. A remote user can also choose to automatically in the future without a password, but some people are nervous to leave their computer to open it.

If the user to control a remote computer, you need to get the remote user ID and password.

If a remote user is nervous about a random stranger access to your computer to remind them that they alone know the username and password codes that allow access to each.
teamviewer download

Connect the remote computer's ID and password dialog box on your computer and you will have instant access to your PC. The mouse and keyboard to control your PC and see what their monitor. Screen colors may be limited and pale to carry the additional information needed for millions of colors is not really necessary. This allows for a mouse and keyboard actions take place almost immediately.

Security features may prevent some actions on the remote computer. If the remote computer's software firewall sees a request to open a new gateway to the Internet, you can not authorize the remote control. For example, if you use Microsoft Word on a remote computer, and then click "Help" for more information Microsoft Help website, the firewall detects a new company and a computer on the Internet. Work firewall is to ensure that the user is not a virus, upon request.
teamviewer tutorial

teamviewer review

Their firewall is blocking the connection, until someone clicks on the OK button to make it. Since the remote operator, you may not be able to click on the "OK" - it must be a remote user. Everything else works fine, but the additional information will help cut until the remote user permits. So you can be sure that they are available by phone, just in case.

You can run the software on a remote computer, transfer files from your computer to activate the keyboard shortcuts and use other useful functions. You could set up a new printer on the remote computer, the remote user but still turn it, turn it on, put the installation CD in the drive, and you can go after the screen has two reboot. Your Start menu, two desktops, etc. - and you theirs. Only pay attention and keep them straight.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Google Gmail Drive Review

Google seems to be doing everything these days, it is not surprising that the Internet giant has developed online storage and synchronization. It was possible to save, share, and create a wide range of files to Google Docs for centuries, but the service Google Drive is the next level by given that a synchronization client downloads; you can install Windows and Mac OS X. Also, Android and iOS, which permits you to create, access and download content.

If you're already a user in Google Docs, Drive will replace the existing web interface Docs with theirs. It is almost identical and behaves in much the same way as Google Docs, but it makes some of the key changes, not all of which are comfortable to begin with. The biggest change is that the files and documents are divided my disk that contains the files that you have created, and told me that contains files with other people from entering. If you used to see all the files you are working with a large list, so there is a chance that you will lose a few to follow, if you do not remember me check the shared files to share with other users for you, but as soon as you get used to.
Google Drive
Files to share with them were sorted by date instead of when they were last modified, but the current tab, it is simple to see which files have been just published by you or your social group. All you have to do is drag files you're working on my disk, and they are in their own files when you use the drive online and sync Google Reader folder on any computer on which you have installed.

Once you have downloaded and installed the drive, it will create a sync folder. By default, all the files that you have created or downloaded from Google Docs will automatically be downloaded. If you want, you can synchronize the files that you have stored in specific folders in Google Docs. With all the Google Docs synchronized, you can edit them offline so that they will be updated the next time you connect to the Internet, which is a kind, incredibly useful for those who often have to work with Google Docs.
Google Drive Download

As the Drive is built on top of Google Docs, you can get more features when it comes to edit and view the files you will find in most of the synchronization services. This applies to Office documents, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and slide presentations in particular. You can preview the files to DOC and DOCX, Excel, and their counterparts, but you need to export them to Google Docs to edit. Strangely, RTF files can not be previewed, but it may take. Google Docs files you create are automatically synchronized with your local folders in Google Drive, but you can download them to your computer in the form of your choice, or to make them available for offline viewing application allows offline Docs, Chrome browsers.

You can also see the images, but we were let down to stumble on that they do not automatically open a slide show by the Google+ interface. There is also no way to stream audio or video files, such as a competitor, SugarSync, and also offer a Live Drive. It is also useless to online backup, you can synchronize your training, and it is not possible to add other folders. It is a version control, however, so that you can easily retrieve old versions of a file, if you accidentally delete something. Older versions are deleted automatically after 30 days or 100 amendments, unless the file is specifically chose this.
Google Gmail Drive
Google Drive is free and you get 5 GB of space, which is also shared their stored images on the web. This fact alone makes it worth taking, particularly when you take into account the expediency and ubiquity of Google. When it approaches to work on files, the company has the market sewn. If you need more space, you can pay each month, 25 GB, and $ 2.49 per month and $ 4.99 per month 100GB all the way up to 16TB quality company $ 800 a month.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe Acrobat X to create, read, and manages PDF documents important to have the latest version of software, and is widely improved. Adobe readers are faster and stronger than ever, and both applications in conclusion, a clear, latest interface. Excel Data in Acrobat X is not the perfect optical character recognition the built-in OCR utilities are others, but this is a big step, and anybody who creates or PDFs management is a major upgrade.

Acrobat X is in many ways, but the most obvious and welcome new interface is better. An old version of toolbar and menu system, which is a version of Microsoft Office the last century, with stacks of incomprehensible symbols on a padded menu on line and fully loaded with toolbars were seen. Microsoft Office ribbon interface copy of Adobe resisted temptation, but only a few basic functions and features a dozen beautiful minimalist with a double bar line at the top of the menu is selected. All other functions important tools that open window on the right is a modern type.
Adobe Acrobat X Pro
Tools on the first item you see, the label stack, called pages, content, form, text, click open and some more recognition. If you click on one of these labels, such as rotate, crop, document edit the text, and many other expanded features a clearly arranged menu.

In addition to a new interface on the toolbar at the top is a great button. Click it to create a PDF of the alternative methods is a clear list. With earlier versions of Acrobat, if I've used up menu, create PDF from my scanner, I will decide whether or Gray scale color, time, or any other type of PDF was. Acrobat automatically adds a choice that best mode. This means that now I can pack a load of pages in my scanner sheet feeder and decided Acrobat color settings for each page separately instead of all black and white pages opened in use. Gray scale and color pages.
Adobe Acrobat X Pro download

Adobe Acrobat X Pro review
Anyone who works with PDF in an editable Microsoft Office 2010 Word or Excel document to a PDF file to replace knows headache. Acrobat X export PDF files editable office documents is a surprisingly good job. It's not right, and choose the right fonts when exporting documents to the test, but I have seen some third party software to maintain the original format works much better one.

In contrast, creates PDFs from scanned images of the original text includes an image, and its integrated Optical Character recognition Acrobat (OCR) application can take out text only.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Use is Microsoft’s latest web mail service, which combines Hotmail, Windows Live and all your social accounts in one. It is a new web-based email service from Microsoft designed to replace Hotmail. It gathers all your emails, social updates, contacts, calendars and Skydive files in one place, and has been redesigned to look consistent with Windows 8.

You can create an ID to use the service, or convert your existing Hotmail or Windows Live accounts, if you change your mind and decide you prefer your old accounts; you have got 30-days to switch back. After that, the change will become permanent.

To change to an address, click Get ID from your welcome email or set one up.  Type your chosen address and choose a suffix from the drop-down menu. Create a password, if you already will stay the same. Changing your ID is optional. mail features

All emails sent to your new ID and your existing Hotmail address will appear in your Outlook inbox. To start them into separate folders, click the cog icon, then click ‘More email settings’ and choose’ rules for sorting new messages’ under Customizing Hotmail.

Select ‘To or CC line’ from the drop-down menu and type your Hotmail address. Pick a folder from the ‘Move to Inbox’ list or select ‘Move to a new folder’ and give it a name. Click saves to create a rule. Repeat this for any other email addresses you wan to sort.

For more sorting options, go to email settings, ‘instant actions’. You can ‘Add actions’, such as ‘Move to’ and Categories from the drop-down menu. You can also change the order they appear and remove them. Click Save. The actions will show up when you hover over an email in your inbox. features

To connect social accounts and see updates in your inbox, click your account name and ‘Edit profile’. Go to ‘Connected to’, click Connect and select a service. Follow the prompts to link that account. To send instant messages to connected contacts using Outlook, click the smiley-face icon in your inbox.

 To import contacts from other sites, click the arrow next to Outlook in the top-left corner. Select people. Choose one of the options, such ‘Twitter contacts, you can search your contacts and remove duplicates by clicking Manage, then ‘Clean up contacts’. for business
Click the arrow next to People to see your Calendar and access Skydive files. Click Calendar, and then subscribe to import a Calendar from another service. You can paste the URL. Or import an ICS file. Go back to Calendar, Options to change reminder settings, notifications and other calendar preferences.

If you want to stop receiving emails to your old Hotmail account, click your account name, then ‘Account settings’. Under Notifications, click Email and remove any unwanted addresses. To delete your Outlook and Hotmail accounts entirely, click Overview and ‘close accounts’.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft revealed the next version of its Office suite. CEO Steve Ballmer describes it’s as the “most ambitious” release of Office we have done”.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook apps have been redesigned to work with a touch interface and the Metro design for Windows 8. While Office 2010’s ‘ribbon’ interface remains, it is tucked away, sliding into view when tapped or clicked. Otherwise, the applications look much more stripped down, with menus spaced out to make them easier to access on a tablet screen with your finger.

The suite lets you save documents directly to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system, giving you access to files anywhere there’s a web connection. However, it is turned on by default, so any users who do not want their files to head directly to the cloud should wary. Word features a ‘live layout’ tool, which lets you format documents by dragging and dropping, while Excel has an intriguing new feature called Quick Analysis, which makes it easier to split text into different cells. Another new tool is ‘inking’, which lets you use a stylus to take notes in documents. You can even use a stylus as a laser pointer during presentations.
Microsoft office 2013

A preview of Office 2013 is available to try now on Microsoft official website, with the software set to arrive alongside Windows 8 this autumn. Microsoft has not announced pricing, but said Office 2013 will be offered as cloud-based subscription, meaning users will get the latest updates automatically and be able to “stream” the software to use on any computer, bringing their own settings with them.  During its presentation of Office 2013, Microsoft did not show it running on tablets using the RT version of Windows 5, but Ballmer promised it would have all the same features as standard suite. Microsoft confirmed Windows RT will include office Home and Student, featuring Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on all versions, including on its own Surface tablets, as well as on devices from other manufacturers.
 Micscroft office 2013 review

Affect of Microsoft Office 2013

This is bad news if you are not keen on using touch screen interfaces, because Microsoft has made it clear that Microsoft has made it clear that Office 2013 will work best on touchscreen devices. T hey will still work with a mouse and keyboard, of course, but they are designed for poking and prodding with a fingertip.  It’s also bad news if you are not happy with you documents being stored in the cloud. While it’s a handy back-up if your document with you, it also brings a document with you, it also means Microsoft has a copy of everything you are working on. There are many reasons why that might not appeal to you: for example, you simply might prefer a rival cloud storage system, such a Dropbox.
office 2013 download

The new look is stark and white, which might look stylish on a tablet, but Microsoft needs to remember that most of its users are still on desktop PC’s, Plus, the touch interface can be irritating to use. If Microsoft wants us to move the touch, it needs to sort out basic bugs and make it feel smoother. At the moment, we are not convinced that using Office 2013 will be as wonderful as Microsoft claims. These are only preview versions, however, so there’s hope that Microsoft can iron out some of the problems before the final release.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Compress Files through RaR Converter

If you are searching to locate a RAR converter, then you should keep in mind quite few things first. Almost all the PC users know that RAR file is basically a compressed achieve file, identical in different achieved files like Zip. These archives software make easy to transfer process and also helpful to reduce the overall files. You can compress movies, documents and multimedia files and different file format with reduce file size. The RAR format is quite common and famous among PC users and fact is it allows users to advanced compression and encoding.

You might be amazed to realize this feature but the fact is that a RAR converter is not in fact required. RaR files can be Extracting through different ways and not essentially through a RAR converter. The most important thing is that search out different types supportive archives. You can easily find out such software or Programs online and usually available with free version. Either you are Windows user or using Windows platforms, use file archiver software in different platforms on your computer. Although there are many RAR applications but 7-zip is one the best software among all applications and you can easily search out during surfing internet.
rar converter online
If you have no knowledge about the dissimilarity between a RAR converter and a professional file archiver, it is better to find out little about it initially. You will quickly find out that it is extremely simple to change RAR files to a preferred format, even if you are knowledgeable at operational with such applications or not. Let’s say that you choose to utilize the file archiver here in this post, meaning 7-zip. The primary step that you require to get is extract the RAR file by the application and then choose different format for the selected document. You can compress the file and convert it into a ZIP archive, for example.

It can be rather tricky to visualize where we would be if you do not have any chance to reduce the file size of documents through compression. Knowledge is more effortlessly conveyed thanks to the reality of applications like the RAR converter but also 7-Zip that is one of best file archiver. One has the chance to examine the capacity of every software application and get a well-versed choice that is support on real information’s. If you desire to explain the topic even additional, then you can interpret the analysis completed for these programs and find out responds to your individual private questions.
how to convert into rar

Keeping advanced with the up to date development made in the circle of Internet technology is vital, plus when it approaches to extracting RAR files. You can find out all there is to be familiar with about that RAR converter and take into consideration the outcomes that such an application might convey. There is all the time the option of examination out other software applications current on the bazaar, depending of course on individual favorite and requirements.

Monday, April 9, 2012

MediaMonkey Review

When it approaches to music players, there are other than a small number of products to select from. From the heavy resource usage applications like Media Player and iTunes to those uses minimum system resources and complex on configurable option menus like Foobar.MediaMonkey is somewhere in the center but present a number of extremely exclusive options pointed towards collectors. If you’ve catch an average to big size song album and you’re continuously downloading plenty of applications only to arrange and organize it how you desire, MediaMonkey could be the multiple solution software you’ve been looking for.

Setup and Installation Wizard

Installation wizard of MediaMonkey itself is comparatively fast and simple without valid options for install. You should still suppose that it will acquire a little time to really get the application up and operational but as to get complete utilization from the player you will require allowing it checks your PC for video files. This can acquire anyplace within a minute to twenty minutes depending on the space of your hard drive and the quantity of media files you have accessible. MediaMonkey sits in the ‘average choice in point s of PC resources using up a slight more than Foobar but comparatively minimum than Windows Media Player. The software installs to approximately 30MB of space.
mediamonkey gold

Easy to Use

MediaMonkey offers you through an outstanding music player, but it is not really its skill to play music that sets it not together, relatively it’s compilation of different tools and configuration settings letting you to right to use and show your music how you wish for. Because of this center on compilation and protection, you will locate that the larger your albums is, the further valuable it will be.

In the middle of other tools to many to list, MediaMonkey propose conversion from a large number of formats, let’s speedy searching to locate and eliminate replica tracks, tag your records, produce reports, rip CDs, download and deal with podcast and a total lot more. If you do a large number of works with your music compilation, you could accumulate a bunch of time and hard drive space by using MediaMonkey instead of using many smaller software’s.
mediamonkey review

Including all collection of features in a single application makes the interface a small piece packed and it might not go with each music collector, but its fine significant an attempt if you maintain your music in digital form.

Free Version VS Professional Version

Usual records updating and the capability to handle many collections are things to see of the Gold version of the application, beside with extra features such as a complex search. MediaMonkey Gold is accessible for $19.95 and you can download it through from their official website.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Protect your Personal Data

Google is often criticized for its privacy policies, but most of their products have settings that help protect your personal data. Learn how to find and enable them.


To protect your Gmail inbox and contacts, make sure you only ever access your account on a secure server, whatever computer you’re using. Go into Mail Settings and, on the General tab, choose the option ‘Always use https’ in the ‘Browser connection’ section. This will guarantee that you always log in using a secure server, even on public and unsecured networks. 

If you want to give someone else access to your Gmail account without revealing your password, go to ‘Accounts and Import’ under Settings, click the ‘Add another account’ link next to ‘Grant access to your account’ and enter their email address. They won’t be able to change any of your settings.


To keep your YouTube videos private, sign into the site, click the arrows next to our Account name and choose Settings. The Privacy tab lets you choose who can send and share your videos, as well as what statistics and data linked with your account are made visible to the public. Click Manage Account if you want to change either your password or the Google account that’s associated with YouTube, and set which third-part y sites and apps can access your information.
To prevent people from seeing what you’ve been watching, click the Sign out Everywhere link at the bottom of the rage to sign-out of all YouTube account.

Web History

Each time you make a search while signed into your Google account, the details are stored. This search history is then used to personalize future search results. You can delete your entire history by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Google homepage. Choose  Account Settings, Web History then ‘Clear entire web history’.

You can also access this setting from Google search results by clicking ‘View customizations’ at the bottom of the page. Rather than clearing the entire history, you can also delete individual results under ‘Manage web history’. Choose the tick boxes next to the unwanted entries, then click Remove.


Google+ has already earned praise for its default privacy options. You can tighten the security further by choosing ‘Google+settings’ from the gear menu when viewing your profile.

The Google+ tab manages your notification options and delivery preferences, and lets you control the location information for on your photos. The ‘Profile and privacy’ setting lets you edit your Circles, including who can share posts with you and who your posts are shared with. Your network visibility, which shows the other people that appear on your profile, can also be edited here. Click ‘Edit photos settings’ to give permission for photos tagged with your name to automatically link to your profile.
Google +

Google +1

Clicking a Google+1 link lets you share pages you like with other people. Google stores these pages on the +1 tab in your Google account by accessing your profile and holding details of the URL you shared, your IP address and information about your browser. 

To stop Google saving this data, you can undo the +1 option by going to the list of sites you’ve recommended and clicking Undo. The information is then deleted. If you don’t want to see +1 related content on other sites, you can disable them. And if you don’t want other people to see your recommendations, go to the +1 tab on your profile and untick the ‘Show this tab on our profile’ box. The +1 information can only be shared if your profile is publicly visible. To change this , go to ‘Account settings’, ‘Account overview’, ‘Edit profile’ and deselect the ‘Search visibility’ option.

Picasa Web Albums

To stop unauthorized people viewing the pictures you upload to Picasa Web Albums, click the ‘edit’ link in the information section for a particular album and set the Visibility to Limited or ‘Only you’. Alternatively, you can change the privacy settings of multiple albums by clicking the ‘Edit visibility’ link on the main Albums page.

For further privacy controls, choose ‘Photos settings’ in the gear menu, then click the ‘Privacy and Permissions’ tab. Here, you can stop Picasa automatically mapping photos if they contain location data and also prevent people from ordering and downloading your photos.

Google Docs

By default, Google makes documents stored within Docs private and only visible to you. To manage who you share your documents with, select one from your list using the tick boxes, click the arrow button in the top-right corner to show the Details pane and click the pencil icon next to Sharing. Add or remove the people who have access or manage how they access it; whether they can edit or just view.
In the Action drop-down menu, you can also hide selected documents from the homepage or download them all.

Google Calendar

You can choose to share only certain elements of your Google calendar with other people, which is handy if you use it to organize both your personal and business timetable. Choose ‘Calendar settings’ from the gear menu, then decide whether to make the calendar public or only visible to certain people. You can enter their email addresses below. 

Google Advertising

When you search using Google, your history and site visits are tracked using cookies such as Double-click. This helps Google show you targeted ads, based on what you’ve searched for previously. Aside from deleting your web history, you can manage your advertising settings by opting out of the Double-click cookie in the Privacy Center. If you don’t want to opt out completely, click ‘Manage your ads preferences’ on the same page to select which ads you see.

To edit advert preferences on Android devices, Google provides a QR code that lets manage the settings. Alternatively you can download the Google Search app and edit your preferences from there. You can also install an opt-out plug-in for Firefox, IE and Chrome.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Windows 8 and Free Tools Review-4

Multiple Monitor Taskbar

Windows 8 makes good use of multiple-monitor set-ups. When you hit the Start button, or press the Windows key, the Metro interface will turn the feature on in Chrome, click the spanner icon, go to Options, click Personal Stuff and then click Set Up Sync. Enter your Google Account name and password and choose what you would like to synchronize. To do this in Firefox, go to Tools, then Set Up Sync. Enter your Google Account name and password and choose what you would like to synchronize. To do this in Firefox, go to Tools, then Set Up Sync.

Refresh and Reset

If you spend a lot of time trying out new software, installing and uninstalling programs, and experimenting with toolbars and add-ons, the Refresh and Reset options in Windows 8 can help you recover from problems if something goes seriously wrong. The Refresh tool keeps all your user profiles, data and Metro apps, but installs a clean version of the operating system. Reset is more extreme and clears out everything, leaving just a virgin copy of Windows 8. This could prove useful if you plan to sell or recycle your PC.

Obviously, you can already format your computer and install a fresh copy of Windows at any time, although the process will take much longer to complete than using the new Refresh or Reset functions. Windows 7 lets you create back-up image (an exact copy of everything on your drive) that you can revert to at any point. Go to Start, Getting Started, select ‘Back up your files’ and click ‘Create a system image’. You could also try a tool such as EaseUS Todo Backup Free, which lets you back up your hard disk and restore your system in the event of a crash.
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USB 3.0 Support

USB 2.0 is certainly no slouch, but the newest version of the universal serial bus (USB) interface delivers speeds up to 10 times faster with improved power management, including faster charging for your gadgets. Devices with the new interface are already available to buy and it’s expected that all new PCs will come with USB 3.0 ports as standard by 2015. Unsurprisingly, Windows 8 will offer robust, fully native support for the interface, so when you connect a USB 3.0 device it should work straight away.

Windows 7 offers support for USB 3.0, so if your PC has those ports, as many newer systems do, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits when connecting a compatible device, through you may need to first install the supplied drivers.  To find out if your PC has USB 3.0 ports, go into Control Panel, ‘Device Manager and look under ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’.

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Improved Task Manager

The Task Manager gets a major revamp in Windows 8, and now has tabs running along the top of the screen that let you view Processes, Performance, App History, Startup, Users, Details and Service. The Processes tab breaks up everything into useful categories, including Applications Background Processes and Windows Processes, and lets you see at a glance their processor, memory, disk and network consumption. The Performance tab provides graphs that show the overall usage history for the four areas.

Our favorite Task Manager replacement is Sysinternal’s Process Explorer.  This provides detailed information about what’s running on your system, including graphs for processor, memory and graphics usage. It lets you view and close any programs a processes that are hogging resources.
Instant Search

Windows 8 makes it faster to search for files and programs on our PCs. Instead of hitting Start and typing your request into the search box, you simply begin typing the name of the item you’re looking for on the Start Screen. This will open the Apps screen where you can continue typing into the search box; browse the matching apps, settings and files found so search inside apps; and launch programs. It’s incredibly easy to use and a huge improvement over the current way of searching in Windows.
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There are several program launchers available that work in a similar way. Launchy is a fast and friendly alternative to Start menu. To use this free tool, just hit Alt+Space to call up the search window and type the first few letters of a program or web address. The software indexes the contents of your Start menu, as well as bookmarks in your browser, music files, documents and pictures. Alternatively, there’s Executor which is a very good multi-purpose launcher for finding and opening programs and files.

Windows to Go

Windows to Go lets you stick a copy of your Desktop on a USB fish drive, so you can take it everywhere with you, in your pocket. Plug the memory stick into any Windows 8 or 7 devices, and you’ll be able to carry on working where you left off.  Handily, the feature keeps the portable Desktop and the actual Desktop entirely separate, although the fact it’s primarily a business tool means it might not appear in Home editions of Windows 8.

While you can’t really get the exact same feature using Windows 7, you can create a portable version of the operation system on a USB flash drive. The process is very straight forward: just put a copy of Portable-VirtualBox on your memory stick, run the program and create a virtual drive using your Windows installation disc. This method will also work with Windows XP and Vista.
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Windows APP Store

Similar to Apple’s Mac App Store in OS X the new Windows Store is integrated into the Windows 8 operating system. It lets you buy apps designed for the Metro interface and provides direct links to traditional (and trusted) Desktop applications. The store isn’t yet available to explore or play around with, so exact details, such as how it will look, are sketchy. But the obvious benefit to this new feature is that it will give you easy access to Microsoft-approved apps that are guaranteed to be safe and malware-free.

Although the official app store isn’t active yet (there’s a button to it in the developer preview, but this does nothing when clicked), there are other app stores for Windows. Gaming apps can be bought from Steam, but if you’re looking for general applications, try Ninite or FreeNew. Also, Microsoft recently launched the Windows Phone Marketplace, which may have similarities with the Windows Store.

Windows 8 and Free Tools Review-2

Internet Explorer 10

As you’d expect, the next version of Windows will come with an updated Internet Explorer. IE10 will be available as both a Metro-style app and a Desktop program. To app will provide you with basic browsing features, such as the ability to navigate to a website, open a new tab and start and InPrivate browsing session, but it won’t support add-ons, relying instead on HTML5 as much as possible. If you need to use plug-ins, you can switch to the Desktop version.

IE10 will be more standards complaint, which means more websites, will be displayed exactly as intended. It will also offer hardware acceleration, which uses your PC’s graphics card t speed up browsing, and improved security.

Currently, the only way to try IE10 is to download the Windows Developer Preview, which includes the latest version of the browser.However, you could also try Zuro, a free ‘immersive web browser’ that attempts to recreate the Metro version of IE10. Otherwise, you’re probably best off sticking with Internet Explorer 9 for now, for the sake of security and stability, or sing an alternative browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
Windows 8 Review

Enhanced Taskbar

The Windows 8 Taskbar has a couple of interesting new additions, including an Aero auto colorization feature that changes the color of the bar so it complements your Desktop wallpaper. Early versions of the operating system also featured a UserTile tool on the right hand side of the bar that showed who was logged in and let you quickly switch users, log off and lock your PC. This has been removed from the developer preview of Windows 8, and it’s not known whether it will be reinstated in the finished version.
Aura brings the Taskbar auto colorization feature to Windows 7, Install it and you can change the window borders, Start menu and Taskbar so they match the dominant color of your Taskbar, run Taskbar UserTile Alpha.

Picture Passwords

Instead of locking your system by entering a password, Windows 8 lets you use picture. Choose an image make on of three gestures-circles, straight lines or taps. For example, if the picture is of a person’s face, you might choose to tap or click on their left eye, their nose and then the right eye. This clever security feature is designed for use with touchscreens, but it works just as well with a mouse.

Microsoft’s Origami Experience 2.0 add-on comes with a Picture Password option. It’s designed for the ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) platform, but it will work on any computer running Vista (although your cursor’s location vanishes when you move it over the picture, which makes precise clicks awkward.)
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Windows 7 and, because Microsoft has patented the idea, it’s unlikely we’ll see any alternatives from anyone else.
Windows 8 free tools

Windows Explorer Ribbon

Microsoft first introduced the ribbon interface to Office some years ago, and it’s since become standard in most of the company’s other applications. Windows Explorer is the latest tool to get a ribbon makeover, with Home, Share, View and Manager / Drive tabs now running along the top of the window to give you easy access to commonly used functions. The ribbon interface is, however, controversial and has its fair share of critics who say it makes some tools harder to find. But it actually works reasonably well in Windows 8.

B-Explorer (Better Explorer)is a ribbon-based replacement for the standard Windows Explorer.The program isn’t an exact clone, but it does offer a similar look and lots of smart features, including a double panel Explorer window. Note that BExplorer only works with Windows 7. If you use Windows XP, the free tool 8 Skin Pack lets you apply a ribbon to Explorer, among other Windows 8-type changes.

Windows 8 and Free Tools Review-1

Windows 8, which is expected to launch next autumn, if not earlier, has already attracted favorable comments. Our sister title PC Pro described it as having “plenty of excellent new features” , while Expert Review said the operating system (OS) was “ a pleasure to use”.

Windows 8 has a whole new look and a design that’s clearly been developed with touchscreen devices in mind, letting you control programs with your fingers rather than a keyboard and mouse. You can try out an early version of the OS for free, or if you just want to try some of its new features, you can customize your existing edition of Windows with some impressive add-ons. T here are even special ‘skin packs’ available that will totally transform your current OS to look like the feature one. The best of these include the Windows 8 Transformation and the Windows 7 only UX Pack.

Here we reveal how you can try Window 8’s most innovative tools for free, without messing up your current set-up.

Windows 8 Tools

Metro Interface

Windows 8 introduces the Metro user interface (UI), which replaces the traditional Start menu with Start screen. This contains customizable titles with which you can launch your favorite programs; access specific areas of your system, such as the Desktop and Control Panel; and get useful, at-a-glance information, including news headlines, weather forecasts and calendar appointments.
You can rearrange the tiles by clicking and dragging them into place, and add new ones from the yet to be launched Windows App Store. The Metro UI has really been designed to work with touchscreen tablets, so it’s not quite as efficient when controlled with a keyboard and mouse, although you quickly get used to it.
There are several programs that faithfully recreate the Metro UI. Pulmon takes seconds to set up and doesn’t require installation. Just run the program then select some tiles to add to your Desktop. Available options include a clock, a shutdown manager and a web search box. Newgen is also very good and provides an almost exact clone of Metro.
Windows 8 Tools
On Screen Keyboard

Because Windows 8 has been designed with tablets in mind, it comes with an on screen keyboard. This offers a useful auto complete function that will attempt to guess what you’re typing. When you see the word you want to use, simply tap the Spacebar to add it to your sentence. This means you can type at full speed without talking your fingers of the keys. You can change the position of the keyboard on screen, make it transparent and turn the numeric keypad on or off.

Windows has always offered a virtual keyboard, but it’s tucked out o f sight. To access the feature in Windows XP, go to Start, Accessories, Accessibility, on screen Keyboard.The keyboard works in the same way as in Windows 8, but doesn’t offer the auto complete feature.

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Chrome is not the only browser to use Google’s Chromium source code. One of the Web analytic rates six variations that each offer different built-in features.

As its name suggests, ChromePlus offers all the functionality of Google’s browser and a whole lot more. It includes features that can only be added to standard Chrome using extensions, yet offers the same speed and simplicity.

During installation, ChromePlus helpfully imports your bookmarks and passwords from your default browser, which saves you having to set it up manually. The bookmarks appear in a sidebar for easy access, above a handy Shopping Assistant tool that lets you search for products on Amazon and eBay.

chromeplus download
However, it’s only when you dig into the browser’s Options that you realize how wonderfully customizable ChromePlus is. Among other things, it lets you close tabs with a double click; delete your browsing history on exit; and assign a ‘boss key’ that hides what you’re viewing from nosy parkers.

ChromePlus can be controlled using mouse gestures and comes with the add-on IE Tab installed for when you need to view pages that Chrome won’t load in Internet Explorer. It also features a download manager and ad-blocking tools that lets you subscribe to lists of advertisers and tracking companies in order to automatically block their content and cookies.
chromeplus review
chromeplus vs chrome
Best of all, ChromePlus is compatible with Chrome Web Store’s apps, extensions and themes, and will happily run alongside the Google browser without clashing. However, you won’t be able to sync data between them.

It doesn’t update automatically when a new version becomes available, and we’d also like more ChromePlus-specific help pages, other than the basic start guide.

If you like Chrome, you’ll love ChromePlus, which saves you the hassle of installing many add-ons manually and gives you greater control over how you browse the web.

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PDF Converter

Have you continually got documents from clients, company members of the family, or contacts and not have a friendly program on your personal computer? Do you find exhausted of these pop-up murmurs that suggest you download a compatibility pack? Have you still used up hours, days or even weeks to build a document with text features exclusive, self-selected images and an video tutorial and does not know how to send, for the reason that you knew that the send in its current form would ruin the layout, features and other content when it was opened in a different application? There is a key to these possible problems: convert PDF software. Convert PDF software lets you to open or save your documents in a format that is commonly understandable and printable.

There are many alternatives for PDF software that you would not think an absolute result for PDF conversion software. We selected the top choices with all the features, tools and excellence, we found users want. In this review you will find side-by-side similarities of the top software products convert PDF with support for converting PDF articles on software to help you choose the best solution for your needs and you provide a quick guide on how the software works.
free pdf converter

To find the top 10 of the best software for converting PDF applications, we examined the most common features and design aspects of the majority of users to focus on a product to convert the PDF software. The fundamental issue for most users seems to be: how do I create, edit, secure, enhance, and share my documents? The criteria we used to evaluate each software application:


Convert PDF software should allow users to make minor corrections to a PDF file without having to convert the format of the original document. This is particularly important when trying to modify and create a PDF from a scanned physical. Software to convert PDF should provide a way to mark the document (add comments, highlight, delete text, etc.) if you need to collaborate with others. If there are changes to make, you should have some way to sign your name on the document and secure by limiting changes or darkening of sensitive information. The best software we reviewed also has tools for emailing your PDF or download it to a website.


A picture is worth a thousand words. A full range of PDF software should provide the basic functionality for multimedia add life to the otherwise plain text. Our Top convert PDF Software products have the ability to add video and audio content and images. At the very least, the software convert PDF files should allow you to add images and hyperlinks.


Additionally to fundamental printing, you may desire to identify what tools are offered to make super quality documents to be sent to business printing. A number of software applications have extraordinary features like tools for mapping or color optimization to ensure that your documents are printed accurately as it appears on your computer screen. A great feature is the ability to create PDF files from any application by printing to PDF printer associated with the software.
download pdf converter

Ease of use

Convert PDF software should easily create PDF files from many different file types and locations, whether from the PDF software itself or by other word processing applications. Another important aspect is the usability of the interface. Does it have a familiar and intuitive? Is it cluttered design tools and menus? Software tools with captions that are easy to understand? We examined each of these characteristics while examining each application.

Help & Support

When determining the appropriate classification for each product and help the support team, we evaluated their resources and the effectiveness of customer service. Is there a help menu included in the software, or do you have to return to the site? The site videos or tutorials explaining the product, a knowledge base of articles and a forum of fellow users? The best choice to convert the PDF software are supported by companies that have user-friendly features such as live chat and 24 / 7 customer support.

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Firefox 5 and its Features

Mozilla’s decision to release new versions of Firefox more frequently means fewer changes between releases. Firefox 5 is being launched only three months after Firefox 4, with 6 and 7 also due this year. Here are 10 of our favorite new tools in the browser and review.You can download free from its official site.

Stop websites following you

Firefox 4 introduced a welcome privacy control called Do-Not-Track, which explicitly tells websites and advertisers not to monitor your online activities. Unfortunately, the option to turn on this invaluable feature was originally tucked away in the advanced setting-a problem that has been remedied in Firefox 5. Now you can just go to Tools, Options, privacy and select ‘Tell web sits I do not want to be tracked’.

Switch between different versions

Previously, downloading a beta version of Firefox would automatically replace your current installation of the browser, which could be annoying if you then experienced problems. Firefox 5 lets you easily switch between the present release, the latest beta and the pre-release Aurora version.

Always keep your favorite sites open

One of our favorite new Firefox features is App Tabs, which lets you create permanent taps for your favorite websites. These tabs are compact, can’t be closed accidentally and always keep sites open rather than loading them only when clicked. To create an App Tab, right-click the tab for a site you visit regularly and choose ‘Pin as App Tab’. To turn back into a normal tab, right click it and select Unpin Tab.

Easily manage large numbers of tabs

The new Panorama feature in Firefox makes organizing lots of tabs much easier than in rival browsers. It usefully lets you sort you browser tabs into handy groups so you can have, for example, one group for news websites and another for entertainment. To use Panorama, either click the arrow to the far right of the tab bar and choose Tab Groups or press Ctrl+Shift+E. You can create as many groups as you like and click one to open all the sites it contains in new tabs. Firefox 5 prevents all Panorama tabs from resizing when close one.
Firefox 5

Sync your tabs across devices

Although Chrome lets you sync your bookmarks, add-ons and passwords across multiple computers, the latest version of Firefox goes one better by letting you sync your tabs, too. This means that the sites you have open in the browser on your home PC will instantly be available on our laptop or Android phone. Go into Tools, Options, Sync and ensure Tabs is selected in the Synchronize My list. You can then click the arrow on the right of the tab bar and choose Tabs from other computers. Adding this functionality to Chrome requires a tab-syncing extension such as Tab Cloud.

Don’t open the same site twice

Switch-to-Tab is one of Firefox’s simplest but handiest new features. When you start typing a URL in the address bar, Firefox will check to see if you already have that site open in another tab. If you do, you’ll be directed to existing tab with a ‘Switch to tab’ option, to prevent you from opening a duplicate.
Firefox 5 mac download

Scroll pages more smoothly

When you scroll through long web pages using your mouse, the content tends to move upwards in small jumps rather than in a fluid motion. You can fix this in Firefox by going to Tools, Options, Advanced and clicking the General tab. In the Browsing section select the option ‘Use smooth scrolling’ and you should be able to navigate pages more smoothly.

Get add-on recommendations

The new add-ons Manager makes it easy to switch between add-ons you’ve installed and those that are available. To see your installed add-ons, click Extensions. To browse ones you might like, click Get Add-ons.

Firefox even gives you personalized recommendations based on the add-ons you use-the more extensions you have enabled, the more & accurate these suggestions will be.
Firefox 5 review

Enjoy Firefox on the move

Although the new mobile version of Firefox is only available for Android phones (and the Nokia N900), it’s still a great way to browse the web on the move. It syncs seamlessly with the Desktop browser and even offers the Do-Not-Track feature. In contrast, Google has yet to launch Chrome for mobile, although you can use the Chrome to Phone extension to send web content from your PC.

Sign into multiple accounts

This was unconfirmed at the time of going to press, but Firefox 5 is rumored to be adding a feature that lets you log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously. This could prove useful for webmail services with which you have more than one address, and online stores and social networks if you share your computer with somebody else.