Saturday, June 25, 2011

Microsoft Download Manager

After a successful overview of the Windows 8, Microsoft launched new excellent downloading software called "Microsoft Download Manager" that will really give tough contest to another tool that helps in downloading data from internet. That C ' is why Microsoft named as software giants as they complete domination in the field of software one is now able to stand in front of the day by the software giant it.And days is so strong by being swallowed by the software from other sources.

Microsoft Download Manager is a program to improve your Internet downloads. Sometimes, downloading a file via your browser is not good enough. If you download a large file and your connection is broken, you start downloading from the beginning.

This Download Manager software has resume capability and user is able to resume interrupted downloads right where they were discontinued; this is helpful to save a lot of time. You can configure it to try to download files constantly and occasionally. The program will use multiple connections to speed up the download process, by giving smaller parties to download for each of these connections, and join them in a single file at the end of the download process.
Microsoft Download Manager
Microsoft Download Manager does not start when you try to download a file via your browser - you will have to enter the URL of the file in the program if you want it to do the download. It only supports downloads from Internet addresses starting with http://. Entering any other type of URL to make the program will refuse to do the download.
Microsoft Download Manager download
Microsoft Download Manager free download
Microsoft Download Manager is a simple and practical tools, which allows your system to download files simply, easily and also allows the downloading of large files quickly and reliably as the media file and software.

Support system that have operating systems: Windows XP with Service Pack 3,Windows 7, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 can use this tool simple and reliable.