Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blaze Media Pro 9.10

Blaze Media Pro is a multimedia product that can work equally well as a video editing and media management program as it can a program of audio editing software. The program itself has its fair share of merits, but with the additional video and multimedia capabilities, most of the missing features audio editing are done for.

Mystic Media also offers Audio Edit Deluxe, but for only $ 10 more, you can get Blaze Media Pro which does audio and video editing. The audio editing software can work with more formats than any other product and can record or take audio from any source. It can also help you burn CDs and DVDs.
Although this product is easy to use and a great package, it does not include as many audio editing tools that other programs. This program is the best mainly to the conversion, recording and burning.
Blaze Media Pro is a good product for those interested in converting files, recording or burning. It is well known because it is very versatile with many audio files, but it is a bit limited in its editing tools and features. If your main goal is the conversion and burning, then it would be a very good product for you.

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