Saturday, December 11, 2010


Smarty Uninstaller Pro v 2.6.2 is uninstallers with spontaneous and simple to use interface that permits you to handle and fully eliminate Windows software’s. At most cases Windows software’s are very complex. They put a huge amount of traces on your system. Particularly, such things as access in Windows Registry, Program Files and Shortcuts. Commonly the problem exists in the Uninstaller (basically, an uninstaller is the reverse of an installer. Stylish Uninstaller will assist you to ignore all these troubles and a lot more.
Smarty Uninstaller Pro v 2.6.2
Download Smarty Uninstaller

  • Totally eliminate applications from your PC (all files, registry access and shortcuts)
  • Simple to use and new user interface permit to happily work with Smarty Uninstaller.
  • Very quick and consistent. Easier solution than standard Windows Add/Remove.
  • Smart safety characteristic. This quality will secure critical system components. You will unable to remove system files by mistake or in any other way.
  • Uninstall Software’s using drag-drop and perspective menu! Just drop application’s icon on Smarty Uninstaller icon on the desktop. Or select suitable command in context menu (Right mouse click).

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